my 6 word stories

"Children play until they become adults."

"Duty calls - Honour, Courage, Deceit, LIES!"

"Encumbering Rifle, Searing Deserts. My Penance!"

"Screaming baby watches tanks drive away."

"Distant medic hears their last cry."

"Cluster bomblet dis-armed by young child."

"Dirty Fists, Bowed Heads, Makeshift Grave."

"Streaming eyes, hidden by sand-storm."

"Hunted man, found in fox-hole."

"My Head Hung when He Hanged."

"Rememberance day excludes modern day veterans."

"Remember this - You were never there!"

"Ex-soldier wakes from nightly battle."

"You're all, Highly Decorated Armchair-Warriors."

"Shiny Medals gather dust in drawer."

"Homeless Veteran freezes in Legions doorway."

"Such Great Heroes, Such Tiny Epitaphs."

"Peace ebbs through blood and tears."

1 comment:

  1. Very thought provoking Pete. Some evoke hope others despair. You have an amazing mind if a little tortured.

    Hope you don't mind me saying so. :-)