(my haiku)

The following are my attempts to emulate the Japanese style of poetry and thinking (Haiku). Their strict formal rules for writing have changed over the years. After a short tour of the Okinawa island, I was inspired by their peaceful way of life...

-A bird sits caged for countless years

Dreaming of the heavens,

Now free, it cannot fly.-

-Bereft Deserts and frozen Ice-planes.

The Forrest's abundant life.

Beauty pervades them all.-

-The flower which struggles to grow

Through the mountain rock

Is twice as magnificent to behold!-

-The warbling bird sings all day.

How pleasant to hear her song.

The silent crow startles me with his squawk.-

-I slowly climb the mountain pass.

Warm rain cools my face.

The scenery fuels my journey.-

-Shallow words

from shallow minds

Sustain their hollow lives.-

-How wise the turtle

Who lives so long

Yet lives so slow!-

-A crazy old man

Wandering around the gardens,

Smiles with the turtles.-

-I sit in silence,

Unaware of the

Myriad of sounds around me-

-A cavernous monument

Is but a fleeting experience

for cavernous minds!-

-A luscious green rice field;

Rows and rows of perfect plants

and behind them, a painted white stand-pipe.-

-The Rabbit darts, his white tail flashing.

The hunter slows his breath and gently squeezes.

The muzzle flashes, the rabbit stills.-

-She nurtures her precious new-born lambs.

She wonders where they are.

Your plate swims with grease!-

-People rushing,

Frantically searching.

Seldom they stop to find.-

-Eight legs, eight eyes and eight hard years.

Her tiny, shining body.

Deliberately, trodden underfoot.-

-Why pound rock with fists each day?

What sense to endure such pain?

It is because, one day the pain and the rock will be gone!-

-The path of peace.

So easy to follow,

Yet so difficult to find.-

-Quieting my struggles,

I allow the river

To direct my journey.-

-Four turtles sitting peacefully,

Perched upon one rock

are joined by two more!-

-The path is so very long,

but with each step

I am one step closer!-

-Humankind - so pure, so free.

Our World, the playground of Our minds.

Humankind - so wrong, so greedy.-

-Not brave, the man who fears not death.

Nor fierce the Bee that stings.

Brave, who fears but does.-

-How quick the deer through the thickets.

How slow her torture by the snare.

Lay still and rest at last.-

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